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Cherry Sour Balls


  Puckerz Cherry Sour Balls: Bursting cherry flavor with a hint of sour to awaken your taste buds.  These Cherry Sour … Continue reading

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Tangerine Sour Balls


Puckerz Tangerine Sour Balls  Not your average orange flavored candy. These Tangerine flavored sour balls explode with tangerine citrus flavor and … Continue reading

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Lemon Sour Balls


Puckerz Lemon Sour Balls: Tangy mouth-watering lemony goodness. When you first bite into the lemon sour ball your mouth fills up … Continue reading

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Green Apple Sour Balls

Sour Apple

Puckerz Green Apple Sour Balls:  Perfect compliment to the other Puckerz flavors, Sour Green  Apple awakens your taste buds with juicy … Continue reading

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Grape Sour Balls

Sour Grape

Puckerz Grape Sour Balls:  Not your average grape flavor, these Puckerz grape sour balls explode with tangy flavor and give way … Continue reading